The Research Data Management Group (RDMG) is the point of contact for institutional research data management at the University of Fribourg. It coordinates different levels of communication and consults with researchers on how data management can be implemented in the specific situation of a research project.

Data management plans

If you need information on data management plans, especially during the preparation of an application for external funding, you can find further guidance here .


If you need information on storage solutions that are required during the research process, you can find further information here .

In practice, it often turns out that planning workflows across multiple storage systems is better for flexible use during the actual research, archiving, publication and provision for subsequent use.


We are available for consultations to jointly analyse situations and identify solution paths that focus on sustainable availability and high data integrity. The aim is to develop workflows that cover the whole cycle of data and rely on services that remain available in the long term and are geared towards portability in order to remain flexible in the choice of providers.